Rustic Cabin Tri-View Mirror

Rustic Cabin Tri-View Mirror


Why We Love this Mirror!

Celebrate the great out of doors with this one-of-a kind masterpiece crafted from naturally cured hickory right here in the USA! Craftsmen hand select sticks that are ideally suited for each component of the piece, then carefully built to last for ages. Beautifully created with hickory or oak.

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Every hickory stick used is carefully chosen from abundant hickory forests in the US. The sticks are dried naturally for 3 months, then finish dried in a kiln to the precise moisture content ideal for hickory furniture making. Experienced steam benders use the hundred year old process of applying steam and pressure to permanently bend each stick to the desired shape. Your piece will last for ages, and over time the natural color will age, giving you full proof that this is a genuine hardwood production. Please allow 6-8 weeks for you piece to be handcrafted with the greatest of care.

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Dimensions 48 × 58 in


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